I just returned from Mt Hood’s High Cascade Snowboard Camp’s Photo Workshop, which was probably the most informative/fun/productive 4 days of snowboarding and photo taking ever. Unfortunately for you (and me) the computers I worked on at camp were Macs, and this is a Windows machine. SO therefore my files wont open. NOT COOL. But no worries, I will be recieving my MacBook Pro in 15 days. But, with all that will be going on in the first week of my first year at college, there are no garauntees as far as when I will get around to turning the DNG’s into Jpegs for on here. So hang tight people. It’ll be worth it.

Props go out to Tim Zimmerman and Trevor Graves for running such an amazing workshop and for lending me equipment when mine gave me a fit. Also to Nick Hamilton for taking us out and teaching us all about flashes. And also to all the riders for working with me on ideas, esp Zac Marben, Mike Ramirez (who was also a muy bueno counselour)


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