Last summer I had just returned from a naive adventure in salt lake city to pursue a ‘career’ as a snowboard photographer. The Skull Lab was a small small venue in the heart of the infamously crime-ridden Over the Rhine neighborhood of Cincinnati. Probably one of the coolest venues I’ve been to because the average attendance was between 10 and 30 people on any given night, which creates an odd social dynamic unlike any other music venue. There wasn’t really a ‘backstage’ area per-se, so band members and attendees mixed and it became a guessing game of who was who. Turns out that sketchy neighborhoods and close contact with band members is the perfect formula to get bands to sleep at your parents house. And that’s what I did. My mom made breakfast for them. We didn’t really hang out much that night since they were headed to Chicago for a whirlwind of who-knows-what, but it was cool nonetheless to be able to say to friends “Ecstatic Sunshine slept in my basement last night.” It was even funnier for those who didn’t know about the band and wondered if I was on some type of anti-depressant medication.


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